Below are some additional success stories from hiring managers that Avenica has worked with to place outstanding recent graduates in entry-level positions.

“We have had a lot of success with Avenica hires. All of them have been a tremendous addition to [our] team. ”
Team Leader, Insurance Company from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“Filling these positions was fast and easy. In fact, these positions were filled in 67% less time than our average opening. The Avenica program has worked very well for us.”
HR Manager, Broker from Philadelphia

“The Avenica associates were heads and shoulders above the rest. In my latest hiring process I didn’t go through any other sources, I just used Avenica.”
Vice President, Technology Services Provider from Philadelphia

“You are the best service I’ve used to date. Thank you for working with me and please know you’ll be my go-to for any future candidates.”
Client Services Manager, Property/Casualty Adjuster from Atlanta