Why Join the Avenica Network?

At Avenica, we know the value of the hard work, grit, and determination you’ve displayed as a University of Missouri college student, and that’s just what we look for when matching recent grads to their first jobs after college. It’s our mission to find the “right fit” career for you.



Experience path  

Whether it be in the classroom, on the field, or on the job, your path may be different, but you’ve learned many lessons about achieving goals that are invaluable to employers.

More than a resume

From a strong work ethic to a drive to learn, succeed and improve, we see beyond your resume and look to your strengths and potential to contribute in meaningful ways.

Career match

Our goal is to help you get started on the right career path. Through career exploration and our proprietary process, we’ll work to identify your interests and skills to help you transition from student to professional.

We’re here to help you take the next step in your career.

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