College Career Services Professionals

If you work in a college career services department, you’re on the frontlines of the entry-level job search battle. You likely already know that in 2014, only 17 percent of graduating seniors had a job at graduation – in other words, more than four out of five grads leave school without a job. Unfortunately, once they graduate and leave campus, your ability to influence their job search decreases significantly.

You can help your graduating seniors and recent college grads get the advice they need and extend your reach by connecting them with Avenica. We help recent grads identify their transferable skills and career interests, as well as careers that might be a fit for them. Additionally, we provide information on where the jobs are, including industries and companies that are currently hiring at the entry level.

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While these stats are frustrating, the reality is that many studentspush off their job search until after graduation.

Avenica is a free service for job seekers and can be a powerful tool in your arsenal of job search strategies and advice for graduating seniors. College seniors nearing graduation and recent grads can: