“I cannot thank you enough for helping to find this job. I never would have thought that I would have fit in the insurance world, but here I am.”
M.H. from St. Louis


“Whereas [other recruiters] have attempted to diminish my skills to convince me to take a job, I felt as if you saw the value in my skills and were willing to work hard in order to help me find a career that’s worth having.”
A.X. from Philadelphia

“I know I wouldn’t have felt as confident and prepared for the interview if it wasn’t for you. I also feel as though this position is a perfect fit for my strengths and personality, and I feel so blessed to have been guided to such a perfect position through Avenica.”

K.R. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“I cannot thank you enough for all your hard work. The whole process has been a fantastic experience, and I will highly recommend you personally to any and all recent grads I know. ”

V.D. from San Francisco

“I am so excited about starting my new position, and I feel like it is such a perfect fit for me. A fit that I could not have found on my own. Not only did you get me in the door for interviews, but you also gave me the confidence to go in knowing I was more than qualified for a position I would not have previously considered. ”

N.D. from St. Louis

“I was always impressed with their punctuality, organization, and desire to provide me with all the materials necessary to be a well-prepared interviewee. Once I had been placed, the Avenica team was constantly concerned about my well-being and wanted to make sure that my experience was a positive one.”

C.M. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“I need to say thank you again for connecting me with the people here; the environment, industry and work duties connect perfectly with what I’m looking for in a career, and today I was delegated responsibilities and thrown right into the mix (which I thoroughly enjoyed). I can confidently say that this is a dream job I never knew I wanted nor knew existed; now that I’m a part of it, I’m committed for the long-haul. Words cannot accurately express how grateful I am for this opportunity, thank you again.”

Z.K. from Chicago

“I feel that a lot of thought was put into my job placement as my assignment really seems to match my personality. Whether it was interview advice or moral support, I always felt [Account Manager] was cheering me on. The confidence boost was immensely helpful and what ultimately led me to getting a job. ”

J.G. from St. Louis

“Before I started working with you and your colleagues at Avenica, I submitted over 70 applications without receiving a preliminary phone call, let alone an interview. I was low on options and even lower on financial resources. But, thanks to you, I now have a well-paying job and a great experience to put on my resume. Thank you so much!”

E.L. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“I cannot express my gratitude enough towards you and your Avenica team. The entire experience has been wonderful and I truly feel you found the perfect match for me!”

N. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“I feel that a lot of thought was put into my job placement as my assignment really seems to match my personality.”
J.G. from St. Louis

“I just wanted to take a moment to tell you how much I love my job…Thank you very much for putting this match together.”

C.H. from St. Louis

“I just wanted to express my deepest gratitude for your efforts in my job placement. I couldn’t be happier with the events that transpired and how quickly I was placed. You made sure that not only was a position found but the best position for me, and it made all the difference. My deepest thanks and best wishes.”

J.S. from St. Louis

“Thank you so much for your guidance and help in finding employment in such a great position and company. It has been such an enjoyable experience. The interview questions and phone conferences were such a huge help. I felt prepared and confident going into each interview. Again, thank you so much. I cannot express my gratitude enough.”

M.B. from St. Louis


“I can now see how Avenica is one of the best in the business. I will be sure to recommend Avenica to any future prospects in the job market.”
J.W. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“I really think that Avenica is a great program and company. I would suggest Avenica to anyone in search of a job.”
M.H. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“I just wanted to thank you one more time for helping me land a position. You…are doing wonderful, impactful work. I am truly grateful, perhaps even beyond what I am able to convey in writing.”
T.P. from St. Louis

“I cannot thank you…enough for helping to find this job. I never would have thought that I would have fit in the insurance world, but here I am.”
M.H. from St. Louis

“I believe that Avenica is a great company that provides a great resource to both recent graduates and clients trying to find the right fit for the company.”
K.A. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“My experience with Avenica was great from the first interview. The often difficult and stressful experience of starting on a career path was made easier by the support I was given from you. If all companies could run as efficiently as yours then the world would be much easier to navigate. Thank you again for always being so friendly and open.”
H. from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“It took…only two weeks to find an open position [my account manager] thought I would excel at, interview, and accept an offer! I recommend anyone that is in the process of searching for a career to seek out Avenica.”
K.P. from Minneapolis/St. Paul




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