Our Career Counseling Process

Our career placement services have been specifically designed to ensure that we understand each candidate’s unique skills, abilities, and goals to help get you started on the right career path.


We start by going through your professional and personal life experiences, skills, abilities, ambitions, hopes, dreams and desires to truly understand what you will bring to the table. This is done one-on-one with our Talent team members.

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You get to relax for this next part. We’ve built lasting relationships with our hiring partners across the nation. They look to us to find them the best talent for the positions they have available. With every role that we are trusted to support, we ask lots of questions to better understand what it entails (pay, location, benefits, company culture, growth opportunities, etc.) so that we can make the best career placement possible.


Now that we know what is available, we will often work with you to activate untapped and undeveloped skills through specialized career counseling and training programs. This step continues to propel you to the front of the line in consideration for many roles both through us and beyond!


Cue the fun (this is the best part in our opinion)! Working with the insights we’ve gathered from you and our hiring partners, we play matchmaker. When a match is determined, we work with you to ensure it is an opportunity you’re interested in and then advocate for you with our hiring partner. If they are in agreement, then comes the final step!


Your interview skills are sharper than ever thanks to the mock interviews you’ve done and skills you’ve refined through our career placement services. It’s time to shine. You interview with our hiring partners in this final step and we anxiously await their decision. If you are selected, we pop the champagne and celebrate your success. If this wasn’t the right fit, we continue working to find you a better fit opportunity. Simple as that.

What Our Entry-Level Careers May Look Like

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Working with Avenica has been amazing. … The feedback that Avenica provides you is truly priceless.

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