Entry-level Employee Sourcing Options – Avenica’s hiring model typically operates in the following ways

Direct Hire

Rely on your account team for recruiting recent grads to find the best candidates to immediately join your team and start adding value. This is the standard sourcing option where clients prefer hiring using a direct-hire model.


Our Evaluation-to-Hire model provides an extra layer of assurance by allowing you to see the candidate perform on the job before making final hiring decisions. After this time period — generally around six months — you can hire the candidate full-time at no additional obligation.


Whether covering a leave of absence or helping with a major project, we can provide shorter-term workforce solutions on an as-needed basis.

Research-Based Corporate Hiring Process

Our corporate college recruiting program was designed based on behavioral science research from the University of Minnesota. Our science-based process for recruiting recent grads goes beyond the resume and identifies transferable skills, as well as career interests, ensuring that we present you with the top choices for your specific job opening. Our goal is to help you fill your entry-level positions with the right employees who will impact your business and grow with your organization for years to come.


Coaching and Certification

Every candidate that goes through the Avenica process gets some level of coaching mentorship to help them become a professional. We also know that there are many skills that certain jobs require that the traditional education system can’t provide. For those positions, we provide training and/or certification needed to help entry-level candidates compete in more specialized fields that need an additional layer of knowledge.


Our Process

Discovery And Introductions

From culture and work environment to workforce needs and goals, Avenica works to understand each client to become a true partner and solutions provider.

Talent Matching Process

Through a rigorous screening and interview process, Avenica finds graduates with the right skills, personality, and potential for each position and company.

Identify Potential Candidates

Your dedicated account teams carefully select candidates with the right profiles and after thousands of candidates present only the top 2-3 for consideration.

Present and Schedule Candidates

Your Account Manager will manage all the logistics of scheduling and coordinating all on-site interviews with the candidates for you and your team.

Hiring & Onboarding

You select your preferred candidate and Avenica starts the hiring process. For direct-hire positions, we will work with you to help make your hiring process go as smoothly as possible. With the Evaluation-to-Hire model, we’ll check in to ensure we’ve made the right match and also provide valuable ongoing coaching and mentorship to your new hire.

Manager, Property/Casualty Insurer from Minneapolis/St. Paul

After a new hire joins us, Avenica routinely checks in and ensures the new hire is doing well. The Avenica model works very well and has exceeded my expectations at every venture.

Partner with us and leverage our network of exceptional talent to fill your entry-level roles.