What We Do

We help companies streamline their entry-level employee sourcing process and find “right fit” college graduates for open positions. We have built a massive, year-round recruiting program for our clients, encompassing more than 900 colleges as well as an aggressive online recruiting strategy, all targeted to help you fill your entry-level positions by hiring college graduates. We review and interview hundreds of grads seeking entry-level roles every week using a process based on behavioral science research at the University of Minnesota to discover candidates’ transferable skills. With our superior matching process, our placements achieve retention rates that are double that of the average for comparable employees nationally.

Entry-level Employee Sourcing Options

Avenica’s hiring model typically operates in the following ways:


Our Evaluation-to-Hire model is our most popular option for hiring college graduates. Using this approach, once you select a candidate to fill a position through Avenica, the candidate is hired by Avenica and assigned to you for a ~4 month trial period. This evaluation period allows you to see the candidate perform on the job before making your final hiring decision. After the trial period, you may hire the candidate at no additional obligation. The Evaluation-to-Hire model significantly reduces the risk of making a poor hiring decision. When our program is used as designed, 85 percent or more of Avenica candidates are hired after this period, highlighting the quality of our matching process.


Short-term or project-based positions can last anywhere from a few weeks to many months and are not intended to result in a long-term offer. Whether covering a leave of absence or helping with a major project, our candidates are excited to gain relevant work experience and bring a positive attitude to work every day.

Direct Hire

While the vast majority of the positions we fill are done so using either the Evaluation-To-Hire or Project Staffing approach, some clients prefer hiring college graduates by using a direct-hire model. We can provide this service as well, and use a competitive fee-based contingency model if you prefer.

Locations and Industries

We work with companies across the country and in a wide variety of industries, including:

Distributing & Manufacturing
Financial Services
Commercial Real Estate
Plus Many More

“As a small company with 230 employees, recruiting is only one of my areas of responsibility so recruiting at multiple colleges can be difficult. Avenica has been a wonderful resource inasmuch as they are able to bring me candidates from multiple colleges.”

Manager, Property/Casualty Insurer from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“After a new hire joins us, Avenica routinely checks in and ensures the new hire is doing well. The Avenica model works very well and has exceeded my expectations at every venture.”

Manager, Property/Casualty Insurer from Minneapolis/St. Paul

“[Our new hire] continues to impress us. We are so happy with this hire, I can’t even tell you! Thank you for finding her for us!”
HR Manager – IT Service Provider from Los Angeles

“An essential part in our staffing efforts in the last year. [Our account manager] has taken the time to get to know our business culture, and as a result, she truly understands the types of candidates that will thrive in our environment. I would highly recommend working with her for your next staffing endeavor.”
HR Administrator, Banking from Minneapolis/St. Paul

How It Works

Our proprietary process generates a year-round supply of qualified candidates.

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