How Our Career Guidance in Chicago Works

The goal of our career assistance services is to help develop all your skills and eventually make the perfect career match. We treat our candidates as people, not just resumes.



The first step is simply listening to you. We want to know about your life experiences, skills, ambitions, hopes and dreams. We want to understand what you bring to the table through a one-on-one session with a Talent team member of ours.


Listen some more

We’ll take this step. With the lasting relationships we’ve built with our hiring partners across the nation, it’s easy to help us find open positions that will suit your skills and goals. With every role we’re trusted to support, we’ll learn what exactly it will entail: culture, location, benefits, growth opportunities and more. This step of our career assistance process helps us make the best match possible.


This is the most exciting part of the process! We’ll consider the insights you’ve provided as well as the current open positions with our hiring partners to play matchmaker. When we’ve found a good match, we’ll contact you to make sure you’re interested. If you are, we’ll advocate for you! If it’s a match, we’ll celebrate, and if not, no worries! We’ll keep trying to find that perfect fit.


Now that you’ve sharpened your interview skills, you’ll be ready to ace the interview with the hiring partner. If it’s a match, we’ll celebrate, and if not, no worries! We’ll keep trying to find that perfect fit.

We’ll help find the right fit for your next step.

We offer a few career guidance options for Chicago job seekers. Learn more about how our career placement service works.

Direct Hire

  • This option won’t include a skill assessment—instead, we’ll match you to a full-time position as quickly as we can to a client of ours.


  • We provide a layer of skill evaluation to ensure the potential position will benefit you and the hiring company.


  • A good option for Chicago job seekers who need professional experience, but not a long-term commitment, our project-based hiring solution can last anywhere from a  few weeks to a few months.



Find the next step to launch a new beginning


Let us help you reach your goals. Our career coaching services in Chicago will help you develop your skills and match you with a position that pushes you closer to your goals. Join our network to get started.




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