How Our Career Guidance in St. Louis Works

Our St. Louis career counseling and placement services have been meticulously tailored so that we fully understand each candidate’s unique skills and goals.



We begin our St. Louis career guidance process simply by listening to your goals. We discuss everything from your life experiences, to skills and ambitions, to your hopes and dreams. It is our goal to understand what makes you unique through a one-on-one session with a Talent team member of ours.


Listen some more

We’re proud to have partnerships with educational institutions across the country and a vigorous year-round candidate engagement strategy. We leverage our relationships to find open positions that suit your skills. Before placing you, we’ll find out exactly what the role entails when it comes to culture, location, benefits, growth opportunities and more. This step in our career assistance ensures we make the best match possible.


Once we believe we’ve made a successful match, we’ll contact you to make sure you’re interested. Our expert career matchmakers will advocate for you during the application process, and if it turns out to not be a good fit, we’ll keep trying!


During our St. Louis career coaching, we’ll make sure you’ve perfected your interview skills. You’ll feel prepared to ace your interview with one of our hiring partners and do your best to help get you that perfect fit.

We’ll help find the right fit for your next step.

 Our career assistance services for St. Louis job seekers offer options based on their specific employment needs, whether they’re ready to get hired instantly, they need a little more career guidance before being ready for a full-time role in St. Louis, or are looking for more short-term experience first. Learn more about how our career placement service works.


  • Our Evaluation-to-Hire™ plan offers St. Louis job seekers extra career coaching as they go into a new role. This plan ensures that both the candidate and the hiring company feel like it’s a good match before making a final hiring decision.

Direct Hire

  • With Direct Hire, candidates become full-time employees right away without an evaluation period. Our St. Louis career guidance services will help the candidate work out the employment terms.


  • If the job seeker isn’t looking for a long-term commitment, they can be hired for a short-term or project period. These roles can last anywhere from weeks to months based on what the candidate is looking for. They are still able to get professional experience and earn a salary.



Find the next step to launch a new beginning


When St. Louis job seekers choose Avenica as their employment agency, they’re setting up the next steps to a meaningful and successful career. Our tools, strategies and partnerships are unmatched when it comes to our ability to pair candidates with the right employer. Get started today to learn more about our St. Louis career guidance services.




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