Check out some of the most frequent questions from our successful candidates, and if you have additional questions, please call at 612-339-5332 or send an email to your the nearest regional office.


What’s in it for me?
We help place college graduates in entry-level business professional positions by helping to identify where a candidate’s skills and interests align in the workplace. We also offer coaching, tips, and resources for the college graduate to make their own job search as effective as possible.

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What is the cost for me?
We never charge our candidates a fee for any of our services- regardless of how much time we spend working with you.

Is Avenica just another “Temp Agency”?
We are a recruiting company that is very much different from staffing agencies you may be used to. Since our niche is focusing on college graduates and entry-level positions, we want to help our candidates find an opportunity to begin their new career, and not just another temporary job. What also makes us different is the career coaching aspect that we offer to each candidate to improve their own job search.

“Whereas [other recruiters] have attempted to diminish my skills to convince me to take a job, I felt as if you saw the value in my skills and were willing to work hard in order to help me find a career that’s worth having.” – Philadelphia Candidate

How does the process work?
We focus on individuals’ transferable skills along with their interests, rather than placing a large emphasis on just work experience or major. By matching a candidate’s skills and interest with potential positions, we’re able to find a great fit for candidates that they may have never heard of or been exposed to before.

What types of industries/positions do you work with?
Some of the industries that we commonly serve include banking, financial services, distribution, healthcare, risk management, technology, consumer products, commercial real estate, and many, many more! We work with companies ranging in size from global institutions to small start-up companies.

Should I only reach out to Avenica if I fail in my own job search efforts?
Absolutely not! Avenica is an additional free resource that can help a job seeker in many different ways. It is a great way to expose yourself to new opportunities that you may have not heard of job searching on your own, and our job searching tips have also helped countless candidates receive jobs on their own. Using Avenica as a resource does not mean that you have given up on your job search, it means that you are putting as many people in your corner as possible. Join our Network! 

What cities does Avenica work in?
We fill positions in over 90 cities across the United States while operating seven offices nationwide. Headquartered in Minneapolis, we also have offices in Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, Philadelphia, Phoenix, and St. Louis. To learn more about our regional offices, click HERE.

How long does it take to find me a job?
Depending on the needs of the candidate and the positions available with clients, the amount of time it takes to place a candidate varies. In many instances, it takes several weeks, while in some cases it can be as soon as a couple of days. Unfortunately, we cannot provide a guarantee that we will place all candidates that we meet, or meet all candidates that apply. Our goal is to find the right fit for our candidates, and not just any position.

How much do Avenica’s positions pay?
Starting salaries vary, but our experience confirms that a range of $35,000 – $45,000 is reasonable for liberal arts majors with limited or non-specific work experience. Higher salaries may apply for some companies and in situations where additional qualifications, regional average pay levels, and/or experience are contributing factors.

What are the chances that Avenica can find me a position that is a match?
Because we focus on career placement and are not a “turn and burn” staffing agency, unfortunately we are not able to place everyone that applies to us. We are an additional free resource and a valuable piece of your job search strategy. Generally, the candidates accepted into our program that we are not able to place have utilized our coaching and feedback to find a position on their own.

“I am informing you that I have found a position and will be starting this upcoming Monday. I also want to tell you that I am truly appreciative of the time that you spent with me, the consultation you provided, as well as the interview preparation materials that you sent my way. I believe that your help was crucial in helping me land this position.” – Minneapolis/St.Paul Candidate

What does your ideal candidate look like?
Because we focus on entry-level positions, our ideal candidate is a college graduate that is anywhere from zero to three years out of school. Our successful candidates come from all backgrounds and can be of any age. We love well-rounded individuals who have achieved success in the classroom and in life whether that be taking part in campus clubs/organizations, athletics, Greek life, volunteer activities, or whether it is work experience gained before or during school. All majors are encouraged to apply.

I applied but never heard anything. Why?
Because we place emphasis on career placement, rather than just finding our candidates a “job,” unfortunately we are not able to help everyone that applies. Our business is very fast-paced, we can only work with those candidates whose background are a match for one of our openings. We would LOVE to help every candidate searching for an entry-level position, and if we feel like we can make a match for you, we will certainly reach out with the next steps. Also, because these open positions change on a regular basis, you may hear from us quickly or it may be weeks later.

Can I check in on my application?
Sure! It is best to reach out to the Avenica branch that covers your current location – take a look at our offices list for contact info click HERE.

If I apply to a specific position with Avenica, will I only be considered for that role?
There is a good chance that you may be considered for that position, but that is not exactly how it works. When you apply to our positions, you are applying to the Avenica program. From there, we evaluate each candidate’s transferable skills as well as their interests and present potential matches to each candidate based on what we have learned from them.