Avenica’s commitment to creating safe and equitable spaces for all.

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Scott Dettman


While the path to eradicating systemic racism is challenging and complicated, our stance is simple.

We believe that Black Lives Matter and are unequivocally against all forms of racism and hate.

Because we know that equality is not and should not be a privilege.

We know that voicing support isn’t enough and recognize our responsibility in driving real, meaningful, and impactful change and are taking intentional and deliberate action to do so.

Effective immediately, we are developing comprehensive training programs to address systemic racism, racial biases and inequality, diversity and inclusion, and more. It will be required training for all our internal teams as well as for all our candidates as part of the Avenica placement process.

We will also establish baseline diversity metrics through both our candidate process and internal hiring process to hold ourselves accountable to continuous improvement to ensure better employment outcomes for the Black community and other marginalized groups.

In addition, we commit to continuing the conversation about injustice and inequality and continually asking ourselves what else can we do.

We commit to this in hopes that our future workforce, leaders, and decision-makers better reflect our diverse communities. And we do this to create safer and more equitable workplaces and communities for all. Please know that our efforts do not stop here. We will continue to strive to further our mission and support the change needed for a more equitable future.

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