Scare Away the Sunday Scaries

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Many of us have felt the lurch in our stomachs in the middle of a Sunday afternoon which signifies the start of the “Sunday scaries.” Whether you’re out with friends or relaxing on the couch the dread for the week ahead can set in, making the rest of the evening rough. Sometimes the dread of the week ahead can mess with your mood and plans for the whole day. If you get the mild Sunday scaries we hope that is all about change with these seven tips to scare them away!

1.)    Create a Sunday night routine you look forward to

Creating a fun routine on Sunday night can totally change your mindset! Maybe you will plan an extensive skincare routine for Sunday or binge your favorite show. By having something to look forward to you will be able to redirect the feelings of stress towards excitement for your “me time.”

2.)    Organize your to-do list Friday morning

Before you rush out the door at the end of the week take some time to plan ahead to avoid the feeling of dread from not knowing what you’ve got to work on in the coming week. It is easy to want to dip out of the office early at the end of the week, but by staying on task on Friday you might spare yourself some of the dread this weekend. If you’re  able, outline the basic to-dos of your upcoming week. If your work is unpredictable, write down some expectations that you have. Then you can let go of the tasks over the weekend because you’ve already planned it out. What a relief!

3.)    Treat (no trick) yourself to a Monday morning reward

If the start of the week is bumming you out, consider making Monday morning special by treating yourself let’s be honest you deserve it! A stop on your way to work could boost the serotonin on your way into the office.  Maybe Monday is your stop-at-Starbucks-vibe day, (bonus points if you still have coffee left by the time you get to the office) or maybe you save your favorite podcast for your drive to work. Another fun tip to try is to research fun coffee orders , or new music on Sunday night,  then check them out on Monday.

4.)    Get as many of your weekly tasks done during the work week

There is nothing worse than thinking about sneaking in a few hours over the weekend and leaving it to the last minute. By getting everything done during your weekdays you keep the guilt out of the weekend. Nothing is worse than having to bring your laptop to the Sunday pumpkin patch run because you slacked off during the week.

5.)    Write it down

Feeling overwhelmed? Put the pen on the paper. Sometimes writing it all out can help release the tension of those stressful thoughts. If you’re starting to get uncomfortable thinking about the week to come, grab a journal and let it all out on paper. Even if it’s just on the note’s app on your phone, let it out and get back to your regularly scheduled Sunday programming.

6.)    Get your groove on

There is no shortage of research on the impact that working out can have on not just your physical body, but your mind as well. Maybe you’re the type who can outrun the struggles, or maybe you are more of a turn-up Harry Styles and dance type of person; either way, we’re cheering for you! Sweat out the stress and let your mind get some blood flow when the scaries start to tap you on the shoulder.

7.)    Talk it out

If your feelings of dread are interrupting your ability to participate in daily life, we encourage you to seek professional help. Even if your Sunday scaries are mild, it can still be helpful to talk to a licensed therapist or a trusted friend. Let it all out with someone you can trust, and maybe they will be able to offer comfort or give their own advice on handling the feelings.

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