How to Research a Company Before Your Interview

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Why research a company before your job interview?

It is important to remember, during the job interview process, that not only is the hiring manager interviewing you, but you are also interviewing the company. You get to ask yourself – “Is this company is a good fit for me?” In addition, researching the company is great preparation for the interview. It is likely that the hiring manager will ask you questions in regards to the company core values, mission, and goals. Researching the company beforehand will set you apart when it is time to interview.

Where do I research?

There are many ways to research a company prior to the interview. You can start by finding the company’s website. This will give you a feeling of the brand’s professional voice. From there you can scroll through the company’s social media; this will give insight to the brand’s overall vibe. Instagram and TikTok are going to give you a more casual introduction to the brand and its mission. Whether or not the company is on these social media platforms might also influence your views on if this is a brand you are interested in working with. Most companies have a presence on LinkedIn where you can explore any of their articles, resources, or achievements. You can learn more about current employees – or your future colleagues!

In addition to the sites and profiles of the company you can check out sites like Indeed, Yelp, and Glassdoor. On these sites there is more information from outside sources and other opinions on the company. There may also be reviews and feedback from former employees.

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What do I research?

Once you have started to explore these platforms we suggest diving into these elements:

The core values/mission statement: A company will usually highlight their values and mission on their website, and both will help you develop an understanding of who the company is and how they operate internally and externally.

The leadership team: It can be helpful to review the leadership team of a company to see who you may be working and communicating with. You can also explore their previous roles, passions, and goals for the company.

The company’s recent successes: Many companies will post about recent wins on their social media or in the news section of their website. This can help determine if the projects this company works on is of interest to you. Maybe there is even something that inspires you that you want to bring up during your interview!

Recent media appearances: When a company appears on news stations, podcasts, or other public appearances they are sharing exactly how they want their company to show up. They will probably talk about their mission, and recent steps they are taking to achieve it.

What do I do with the information I find?

All of this information will hopefully create a well-rounded picture of the company you’re applying for. This understanding will lay a foundation to help you decide if this is a company culture fit for you. Likely you will be spending many hours a day working for this company, so it matters that you like it.

By taking the time to dive into the company you can also bring any questions you have into your job interview. Taking the time to research the company sets yourself apart and demonstrates your determination to find the right job for you.

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