Our Process for Student Engagement

Avenica knows how to engage students in career services. Our career services for college graduates seeking employment have been specifically designed to ensure that we understand each candidate’s unique skills, abilities, and goals to help get them started on the right career path.


We’ve built strategic relationships with education partners nationwide and a robust year-round candidate engagement strategy, which we leverage to source high-potential talent across the nation.


Going beyond simple resume screening for skills, we engage with candidates in multiple ways to fully understand their strengths and aptitude, personality, career and organization fit, and long-term goals.


We activate untapped and undeveloped skills through specialized training programs that align with client workforce needs to build social and soft skills as well as in-demand technical skills.


We can help match candidates to hiring companies to begin their career and provide ongoing coaching and mentorship to help them successfully transition from student to professional.

Providing you with the data that you need

Wondering how we engage students in career services? We work with thousands of students every year and have access to the data that supports the notion that your grads are getting career roles. We can help your admissions and marketing teams attract new students through the data we can supply through meaningful partnerships that operate as an extension of your services.


Career Counselor Resources

Partner with Avenica to ensure your students are set up for success after they graduate.

Arch Advisory Group has joined forces with Avenica. You can learn about Arch Advisory Group and its services at thinkaag.com