The Best Ways to Use LinkedIn 2023

Do you need a LinkedIn?

Short answer? Yes, you should have a LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a resource for not only your job search, but for career exploration, networking, and growth. On LinkedIn you can access people’s professional credentials, explore what jobs are offered in your industry, and see insights into your career field. It’s likely a hiring manager on LinkedIn might find your profile in your job searching process, and the better your profile, the better impression you’ll make! Your LinkedIn account can build your credibility around who you are and your professional experiences.


So how do you get started on LinkedIn?

The first step is to make a profile! You’ll want to add a recent professional photo as your profile picture. Your company may offer custom LinkedIn banners, you could google a LinkedIn banner to add to your profile, or if you’re feeling creative you can create your own using Canva or Adobe. Then, you will add your career and education history. Add in your personal statement and you will have a great start to your LinkedIn!


What’s the best way to utilize LinkedIn?

There are many ways to use LinkedIn while in your job search and while already employed. Here are some of our top tips on how to utilize LinkedIn.

1.)    Follow companies and people you admire.

For example, if there is a marketing campaign that stood out to you on Instagram, check out LinkedIn to see more information. Are you interested in the next iPhone or electric car company? Follow their LinkedIn page to see what’s coming up next.

2.)    Post your thoughts on industry articles, share work highlights, and lessons learned.

It’s important to cultivate your personal brand in your posts. Comment friendly suggestions or compliments to others’ work accomplishments. Share your own accomplishments or challenges you’ve been having at work and ask for help from your network. You can even demonstrate how you overcame challenges to help others who may encounter similar challenges in the future.

3.)    Actually connect with your connections.

If there is someone who is doing really cool work, send them a message and ask for a coffee chat or informational interview. If someone reaches out to you, engage back with what they are asking or interested in. The whole point of a connection is to connect!

4.)    Add your portfolio or website links.

Do you have a portfolio of your past work that would contribute to your work credibility? That should be in the link section of your profile. It is fantastic for those who work in an industry where past projects can help you land your next role.

5.)    Add certificates, licenses, and projects.

Taking professional development courses? That’s an excellent opportunity to share your growth on LinkedIn. You don’t have to wait until you’re done to share either! When you reach a milestone in your course or work project, that’s a great chance to share with your professional network.

6.)    Follow accounts that inspire you and start scrolling.

The best way to learn how to utilize LinkedIn is by spending time looking at what others are doing. Ask yourself what you’d add or change about their posts and start making posts that you love.


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