6 Little Things That Will Help You Get a Job

The little things are sometimes what help you land the job, or even miss out on the opportunity. Our hiring experts at Avenica have compiled a list of the “little things” that end up not being so little in the hiring process. Make your time count by considering the following tips when searching for a role.

1.)    Set up your voicemail.

When a hiring manager gives you a ring it may be to ask to schedule your next interview round or even offer you the role! Without a voicemail, you have no idea what the news is, and it can be discouraging if the hiring manager doesn’t hear back. By setting up a professional voicemail you can be sure that there is no barrier to communication between you and those who want to hire you!

2.)    Keep your emails organized.

If spam and marketing emails are taking up all your space in your email inbox it may be hard to sort through interview emails and even the job offer emails that may be in your inbox. It can be helpful to create a folder where all your virtual meeting links go or flag the ones that have not yet occurred. In addition, keep track of any emails that get auto-trashed after accepting. The last thing both you and the hiring manager want is for you to not be able to find the link to connect.

3.)    Use your professional email address and proper grammar in your application materials.

If you’re still using that old email you made in middle school, that’s great, but not for your job search. Your email is one of the first things hiring managers learn about you and it is important to keep interactions with the hiring manager professional.

Also, make sure your name is capitalized and spelled correctly in your application! Little things like this can make a big impact when hiring managers are looking at applications.

4.)    Texts and emails should maintain professional tones.

Texts with a potential employer aren’t the same as texting your BFF. Texting is a common form of communication in the hiring world, but it is still important to use your best grammar and spelling. Proper punctuation can help make it easier for you to clearly communicate to those who are working to get you a job.

5.)    Create a professional interview environment you can thrive in.

One of the best tricks for this is to DOUBLE CHECK your zoom background before hopping on! If you’re choosing to wear PJ pants with your blazer, that’s fine (though maybe not recommended…), but please make sure that the person you’re meeting with cannot see them. If there is someone else in the room with you, please keep them out of the background.

It is best to have a solid color background or if that is not an option most video apps have the ability to blur your background. If you’re not sure how to do this, look up a quick tutorial on YouTube prior to starting your virtual meeting. Feeling comfortable with technology can help your confidence and the ease at which you can communicate with those who want to hire you.

It’s important to know that the hiring process is an extension of the workplace. Life happens, but it is important to invest in your interview. This means not sitting on the couch or driving during your time with the interviewer. Keep your phone steady in one place to optimize sound and experience for all involved.

6.)    Read the emails that hiring managers send.

In order to get the most out of the time you have with a hiring manager make sure you know who you are talking to on the other end of the interview. Review the company’s core values and what they do, and be sure you understand the position being discussed. It is great to bring any clarifying questions you might have, but it’s up to you to really know generally what you are interviewing for before showing up to the interview.

Messages from the interviewer will most likely contain interview details, so be sure you are aware if something is a video or phone call interview, when it will take place, and if there are any additional steps to take before the interview.


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