Everyone has a superpower, ours is finding yours.

At Avenica we are not recruiters, we are advocates for high-caliber talent whose story is yet to be written. Simply put, we work with you to get you hired (at no cost to you).

Most employers (or their agencies) scan resumes for keywords and care little about who you are. At Avenica, we see your resume as merely one data point in the larger picture of your true potential.

Through a combination of data science, psychology, and just the right amount of empathy, we are changing the way the world works.


Real career matching for real entry-level jobs.

Looking to start your career or make a change? Our process is easy and puts you first. Take a look at our current openings and take the first step to apply. Interested in learning more about our process?


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We work in more than 90 metro markets and with hundreds of companies nationwide.

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