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Looking to start your career OR find your next MVE (most valuable employee)? We’ve got you covered.

With a success rate of almost 90%, our career matchmaking process goes far beyond simply recruiting entry-level employees and hoping they’ll fit in.

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Avenica Pathways™ partners with higher education institutions and partners across the U.S. to help students discover and develop untapped potential while identifying right-fit career paths through a customized approach.


Real career matching for real entry-level jobs.

Looking to start your career or make a change? We’re here to help. Our team provides high-impact training, a comprehensive career discovery process, and personalized coaching every day. Finding a role that meets your needs and gets you started on the right track can be stressful and messy; let us help you.


Summer M.

When I first applied to Avenica, I had absolutely no idea what I wanted to do — I love where I’m at now.

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Workforce solutions for businesses

Don’t just hire people—hire the right people who will stick around for a while and add tremendous value to your business from day one. Avenica partners with you to understand your hiring needs and business goals to create innovative and custom workforce solutions. Our process has been proven successful time and time again across a variety of industries


Property/Casualty Insurer from Minneapolis/St. Paul

As a small company with 230 employees, recruiting is only one of my areas of responsibility so recruiting at multiple colleges can be difficult. Avenica has been a wonderful resource inasmuch as they are able to bring me candidates from multiple colleges.

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