How Volunteering Can Help You Get a Job

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There are many ways to get involved with volunteering. And there are many reasons why someone would want to volunteer during college or adulthood.

In addition to the good it can do for your community, volunteer experience can also be an influential tool in positioning you for a meaningful career. But how exactly does volunteering help you get a job later in life? We’re going to get to that, but first let’s start with listing common volunteer opportunities often available to high school and college students.

Common Volunteer Opportunities

Charitable Organizations

There are many types of charitable organizations and nonprofits that are popular for their volunteer opportunities. This type of volunteering will show employers that you care about your community, you’re dedicated, and that you’re capable of working in stressful environments.

If you want to help people, you could volunteer at homeless shelters, veteran centers, or community centers. If you’re passionate about the environment or rescuing animals, there are plenty of these kinds of organizations as well.

Educational Spaces

If you’re good with kids, there are some great opportunities to volunteer. Sign up to tutor students or help with their homework in after-school programs. If you’re into sports, find a youth athletics organization. If you’re interested in volunteering with youth groups, ask around local churches if they need volunteers.

This type of volunteering will show employers that you are responsible and patient, and that you work well with others—all attributes of a future leader.

Political Campaigns

Political campaigns are always looking for volunteers. This may involve canvassing, distributing yard signs and pamphlets, phonebanking, and more.

Campaigns are fast-paced environments with ever-evolving expectations and challenges. Employers know this and will understand the pressure you have experienced in the past. They will also know you’re passionate about what you believe in. And hiring managers are always looking for candidates with a track record for enthusiasm.

How Does Volunteer Work Count As Professional Experience?

Now that we’ve discussed a few popular volunteer choices, it’s time to consider how unpaid work as a volunteer can help you choose a career, or at least help you decide the field you want to go into.

Adults just getting started in the workforce are not going to have a ton of work on their resumes for employers to consider. This is why volunteering is a great chance to show your potential employers that you have certain skills, passions, and applicable experience.

Just because your volunteer work wasn’t a paying job doesn’t mean you didn’t learn skills and responsibilities that you can transfer into your first job. Volunteering can teach you people skills, how to problem solve, how to work through adversity, how to be empathetic, and more. These are skills that employers care about and look for in their potential employees.

Employers are more likely to hire you if you already have these qualities, in addition to a good work ethic and related experiences. All these things combined is how volunteering helps you get a job.

Have Volunteer Experience? Let Avenica Help You Find the Right Job

If you’re still in school and are thinking ahead, now is a good time to take some of these tips and sign up to volunteer in a field you’re potentially interested in going into. If you already have volunteer experience and are ready to get hired, let Avenica help you. Browse our job openings and apply today!


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