CareerActivation™ Program

Posted on: September 11th, 2018

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Unlike other firms, Avenica’s CareerActivation™ Program takes a more personalized and comprehensive approach to recruiting. Our process is specifically designed to better address challenges entry-level college graduates face when starting their careers.

Our Process

Backed by science and research, our proprietary interviewing and career exploration process allows us to better understand your natural strengths, skills, and interests to accurately find your right-fit career path, company, and position. With clients across the nation, within a variety of different industries, sizes, and business models, we’re able to match you to the right opportunity for you.

And we don’t stop there. For the first four months in your position, we’ll be there with you every step of the way to provide valuable career coaching, ensure proper onboarding, and make sure it’s the right match for you and the hiring company. During this time, you’ll be an Avenica employee with a dedicated talent team providing support and coaching. Upload your resume HERE to get started.

This works.

Our goal is to find you the right fit, so you can transition into a permanent position with the company, which occurs approximately 80% of the time. And beyond that, our mission is to help college graduates match with positions and companies where they can continue to develop professionally and advance. Job seekers who are matched through Avenica’s process have two-year retention rates at double the average for entry-level graduates in similar positions.

We’re excited for you get started on your career path, but it’s not something that happens overnight. While we work to find you the right fit for your strengths and interests, we encourage you take advantage of the career advice and resources found on The Avenica Blog. Whether you’re curious about how to talk about your first slice of professional experience in an interview, wanting to stand out for the right reasons, or wondering how to get started on your job search, there’s a little something for everyone.