Same great company, with a brand new name

Over the years, we have contemplated making a brand name change to address the misperception by some that GradStaff was a temporary staffing firm, which can have negative connotations with our candidates, clients and colleges.

Together with our more personalized and proprietary approach to candidate assessment, interviewing and coaching, our focus on placing our candidates only one time, with the expectation that they will convert to clients’ employees (which happens 85-90% of the time!), makes us different from temporary staffing firms.

As for the new name, “Avenica” is derived from two French words, avenir and carriere, which translate in English to “future career.” We have spent the last 19 years helping recent college graduates begin their future careers at great companies, so this name resonated with us, and hope it does with you as well!

As part of this transition, we want to reassure you that, beyond the name change, our underlying business remains exactly the same, with a focus on providing the “right-fit” between our candidates and our clients for entry-level positions. More information can be found in our press release.