Avenica to Provide Support Amid COVID-19

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Avenica is providing free access to its career development program, Avenica Pathways, specifically designed to support graduating college seniors affected by loss of access to school resources and who are entering into an unprecedented economic hiring climate, following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Avenica Pathways, which will be made available to eligible students at no charge beginning in early April, is intended to provide resources for graduating college seniors but to also support and supplement college/university Career Services offices that have been affected by the abrupt closure of schools and need to provide all remote services and access.

Students will have access to a robust offering which will include skills and career readiness assessments, one-on-one time with experienced career consultants, career exploration, and access to online learning and upskilling tools.

“College seniors approaching graduation are looking at a very different labor market than they were just a few weeks ago,” said Avenica CEO Scott Dettman.“ Beyond shrinking demand, graduates will also be unable to access on-campus resources like career services. Avenica can fill this void for students nationwide by leveraging our existing network of Talent Advisors and professionally-trained Coaches focused on providing career exploration, readiness coaching, last-mile training, and when possible, placement with one of our client partners.”

After years of hard work and determination, college seniors are set to graduate in an uncertain and unprecedented job market. The goal in this offering is to alleviate anxiety for both graduating seniors and Career Services offices and to provide continuity in the valuable career services and guidance. To date, Avenica has provided high-impact training, career coaching, and career placement to hundreds of thousands nationwide. Visit the Avenica Pathways page for more information and registration. Registration opens April 6th.

About Avenica

Through conversation, high-impact coaching, and best-in-class support, we translate and meet the needs of our client partners by identifying and transforming potential into high-performing professionals. At Avenica, we are working from the inside out to embrace diverse thought and perspectives while actively working to dismantle systems of oppression and implicit bias. With a deeply-held belief in human potential, we transform lives and enable organizations to achieve new heights.

If you’re interested in partnering with us to develop or hire your workforce, let’s talk. If you’re a job seeker, please apply now to connect with an Avenica Account Manager.

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