Avenica CEO Scott Dettman Interviewed

Katie Drews

Chief Experience Officer


Remote work is not only on the rise, it’s in high-demand for some job seekers. With technology and reliable Wi-fi, remote connectivity has never been easier. While more and more companies are making provisions for their employees to work remotely, there are plenty of pitfalls if not planned properly—some might even be surprising.

Avenica CEO Scott Dettman joined WCCO, CBS Minnesota’s Jason DeRusha and Heather Brown for a live segment on the changing trends of remote work and how as both an employer and employee to best tackle challenges to create positive working situations. Watch the full segment HERE.

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Avenica is an innovative education-to-work platform focused on bridging the skills gap to connect more people to better career opportunities. Through high-impact training and a comprehensive career discovery process, Avenica has helped thousands of people kickstart meaningful careers.

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