Avenica CEO Scott Dettman authors article for Training Magazine

Katie Drews

Chief Experience Officer


Avenica CEO Scott Dettman authored an article for Training Magazine advising employers on how to identify valuable skills that high-potential, entry-level candidates possess, rather than focusing on work experience and job-specific skills that can be taught and built into training.

“Identifying these valuable skills requires leaders to look beyond experience and the type of skills an employee could simply learn to do the job effectively. They must dig deep and rethink the questions they are asking to uncover these traits.”

Avenica is an innovative education-to-work platform focused on bridging the skills gap to connect more people to better career opportunities. Through high-impact training and a comprehensive career discovery process, Avenica has helped thousands of people kickstart meaningful careers. To learn more about partnering with Avenica for your workforce needs, visit our partners’ page.

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