Working from home is more popular than ever, but you may wonder if there are entry-level remote jobs out there to help jump-start, or re-start, your career.

Recent events, like the pandemic, as well as improvements in remote technology have opened up more entry-level remote jobs than ever before. Finding the right entry-level position can be daunting, whether it’s your entrance into the workforce or you’re making a career change. However, finding a remote entry-level job can open up additional opportunities to find the right position for you.

Is remote work right for you?

Before you start searching for entry-level remote jobs, think carefully about what makes remote work different from local, in-office jobs. As a remote worker, you’ll work more independently. You’ll still be able to team up with co-workers, experience corporate culture and enjoy socialization, but it is different from working with others on a daily basis. If these elements of work are important to you (looking at you, extrovert!) make sure to ask prospective employers how they provide opportunities for team building for remote workers.

Other things to consider are your ability to manage your own time and priorities as a remote worker. Without the oversight of an in-person manager, you’ll be in charge of your workload and responsibilities. When looking for online jobs, think about your past experiences completing projects or assignments according to your own timeline. Once you’ve decided a remote job is the right fit for you, it’s time to prepare for the search.

Refresh your resume and online profiles

Before you start submitting applications, get your online presence in order.

Since your first impression will likely be a review of your resume, make sure you put your best foot forward. Leverage best practices, be sure to include all your professional experiences, and make sure to highlight your transferable skills–those skills that might not apply specifically to your new career track, but will help you perform the duties of your new job. Be sure to highlight the skills that will be necessary to be a great remote employee: self-starter, organized, dependable and good at time-management.

Remember that when applying for entry-level remote jobs, your online presence will be more important than ever. Start by Googling yourself and look at your results through the eyes of a potential hiring manager. If your Instagram account is flooded with party pics, consider making it private. In addition to damage control, polish up the profiles with professional influence, like LinkedIn. Complete your profile, update your experience and ask for recommendations from peers and past managers.

Depending on the type of work you are looking for, consider building a personal website or portfolio. This is a space that can reflect your personality, highlight projects and work you are proud of, and allow potential employers to get to know you better.

Search for entry-level remote jobs

One of the benefits of looking for entry-level remote jobs online is that you can search nationally, instead of just in your local area. This means you have more options, and it may also mean you can choose to live in an area with a lower cost of living while working for a company in a city that might be otherwise out of reach.

Use filters on job sites to search for jobs that are open to remote workers within your field. Some of the more popular positions for remote work include copywriter, marketing manager, financial analyst, loan officer, website developer and software engineer, to name a few. Entry level jobs can be great for learning what you really want from your career in the long run, so cast the net wide when it comes to your job search.

In addition to hunting on job sites, look for opportunities to network. Many networking events have gone online, so you can connect with people from all over the country, or the world, by attending events that relate to your career interests. Meet people on LinkedIn by commenting on their posts and engaging with them, and if you feel a connection, ask for an informational interview. Remember, once you open up your search to remote work, you can expand your network nationally, for more opportunities.

The prospect of remote work can offer more options to get in on the ground floor, get the experience you need to grow in your career, and find a job that satisfies you. Happy hunting!

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