The Business Journals share GradStaff CEO’s tips for more successful entry-level hiring

Posted on: April 2nd, 2015

Hiring at the entry level can be a challenging experience for hiring managers due to several major issues that make the entry level market inefficient. GradStaff CEO Bob LaBombard recommends companies looking to hire at this level make some important changes to thier processes in this detailed article featured in Business Journals servicing 30 major cities across the US.

Bob suggestions include:

1. Recruit candidates to your company, not a position

2. Develop job descriptions focused on transferrable skills

3. Develop interview questions that identify important transferrable skills

4. Evaluate interview results

5. Match the candidate to the right position

6. Focus on the first six months

Our business here at GradStaff helps our client companies focus on these steps. GradStaff serves as a career matchmaker, helping companies find the ideal fit for open entry-level positions, while also helping recent college graduates discover how their transferrable skills and abilities translate into the workforce. Learn more about how GradStaff can help you connect with great grads.

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