GradStaff CEO Joins WCCO-TV to Discuss Recent Grads and Their Job Search

Posted on: May 26th, 2016

On Wednesday, May 25th, GradStaff CEO Bob LaBombard joined the WCCO TV Mid-Morning show to talk about 2016 college graduates entering the workforce. From graduation to networking and applying, it’s an exciting time for recent graduates!

During Bob’s visit with WCCO, he pointed out a couple of key stats about recent grads entering the job market. Did you know that 75% of college seniors will graduate without a job lined up? The important thing to take away is that they are not alone! Just because they don’t already have a position after graduation does not mean that they have failed in their job search. The job search can be a long process, but through developing a job search strategy, networking, and utilizing resources like GradStaff there are plenty of great opportunities out there that will help grads get their career started!

Another eye-opening statistic Bob brought up is that over 70% of the jobs created in the economy are from companies of 500 employees or lessThese small to mid-sized companies do not have the financial resources or manpower to be active on campuses with college recruiting programs. So how does one find these jobs? Through networking! One’s network is much larger than you might think. Everyone, from past classmates to friends’ parents, parents’ friends, past coaches, teachers, and even coworkers, could be a helpful resource in a job search. Reaching out to these connections for a quick chat or even through social media could lead to opportunities they may be aware of.

To watch the full video clip, click the image below! And if you want more information on helping new grads, click HERE.

WCCO GradStaff Recent Grads

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